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Check out our videos from past projects

mesa mural completed 2024

The Red Mountain mural is a breathtaking representation of the natural beauty and grandeur of the iconic Red Mountain in Mesa.  Standing tall and proud, the mural captures the essence of this landmark, showcasing its vibrant red hues and majestic presence. 

The majestic mountain is framed by vibrant depictions of native plants and animals found in the desert southwest.

With meticulous attention to detail and a shared passion for art, the mother-daughter team at MI VIDA CREATIVE, poured our hearts into every brushstroke, transforming this large blank wall facing the canal, into a captivating masterpiece for the community. 

First holiday Tree Install

We installed this beautiful tree for one of our commercial clients.  The tree is located in the lobby of a high-rise in midtown Phoenix.  The colors of this tree are snowy and bright!  The tree is 14' tall, thick, and beautifully full and HEAVY!  But Angela and I lift this tree in pieces every year before installation.  It has beautiful silver and blue bulbs, snowflakes, soft blue flowers, snow-covered pine cones, glittery branches of garland, and so much more!  It stands in the middle of their lobby and is just a show-stopper!  This tree takes two people between 4-6 hours to install every year.  We added all the gift boxes and bags and poinsettias last year to finish the look of the bottom of the tree and it sure added a nice touch to the installation.


Contact us for your holiday tree installation!  We have competitive pricing, design and installation services, and removal services so all you have to do is enjoy the holidays!  We have been designing and decorating holiday trees for over 20 years.  Every tree is special because we know it is something that you, your friends, family, and clients will enjoy throughout this special time of the year. 

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